Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.1492 An Act creating a nursing advisory board Kay Khan
H.1493 An Act relative to nurse licensure compact in Massachusetts Kay Khan
H.2355 An Act relative to nursing in the Commonwealth Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.1505 An Act relative to a patient's report card of nursing Michael J. Moran
H.1506 An Act protecting patients from preventable medical errors by prohibiting mandatory overtime James J. O'Day
S.1076 An Act providing for safe patient handling. Harriette L. Chandler
H.1468 An Act establishing a patient care commission. Christine E. Canavan
S.1114 An Act to promote urinary incontinence health management Thomas P. Kennedy
H.1469 An Act relative to patient safety Christine E. Canavan
H.1484 An Act relating to safe patient handling in certain health facilities Denise C. Garlick
H.2382 An Act relative emergency room overcrowding Joyce A. Spiliotis
S.1142 An Act relative to patient, medical intern, and resident-physician safety and protection Richard T. Moore
S.1141 An Act relative to patient safety Richard T. Moore
S.1131 An Act adopting the nurse licensure compact Richard T. Moore
S.1151 An Act to prohibit mandatory overtime for the health care workforce Richard T. Moore
S.1137 An Act relative to health care provider transportation Richard T. Moore
H.3164 An Act relative to ensuring sanitary condition in physician's offices Thomas A. Golden, Jr.
H.2891 An Act tracking emergency room service transfers Tackey Chan