Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.39 An Act relative to pharmacy practice in the Commonwealth Deval L. Patrick
H.1993 An Act relative to the definition of a pharmacy Louis L. Kafka
S.1029 An Act relative to prescription drug adverse event reporting. John F. Keenan
H.2060 An Act recognizing pharmacists as healthcare providers Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.
H.2065 An Act relating to the dispensation of pharmaceuticals with an aesthetic purpose by physicians Kathi-Anne Reinstein
S.1015 An Act relative to prescription drug distribution Barry R. Finegold
H.1937 An Act relative to requiring that blind and cross-disability agencies receiving state funding from the Massachusetts state fiscal budget work in conjunction with pharmacies and pharmacists across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to set practices to put information contained on prescription medication labels into accessible format for those who are print challenged. This shall also include public schools, state community colleges, state senior colleges, or universities that offer English as a second language, ESL programs. Diana DiZoglio
H.1955 An Act to establish a model program for pharmacists as public health partners Gloria L. Fox
H.2001 An Act relative to the availability of prescription medication during an emergency Louis L. Kafka
S.1040 An Act to authorize the dispensing of compounded prescriptions for office and institutional settings without patient- specific prescriptions Thomas P. Kennedy
S.1053 An Act Relative to the further regulation of pharmacies Mark C. Montigny
H.1978 Resolve relative to responsible prescription prescribing Thomas A. Golden, Jr.