Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.1805 An Act relative to creating a community based flexible supports oversight commission James J. O'Day
H.1812 An Act relative to providing appropriate medical care for persons in mental health facilities Angelo M. Scaccia
H.1811 An Act relative to services for persons with mental illness who are living with older family members or primary caretakers Angelo M. Scaccia
H.1816 An Act to provide services for medically ill and mentally ill persons Angelo M. Scaccia
H.1815 An Act to require equitable payment from the Commonwealth Angelo M. Scaccia
S.903 An Act relative to juvenile mental health. Gale D. Candaras
H.1791 An Act relative to juvenile mental health Kay Khan
H.1783 An Act to promote efficient access to mental health services Ruth B. Balser
H.1784 An Act regarding proportional payments of the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project Ruth B. Balser
H.1810 An Act relative to the treatment of prisoners. Byron Rushing
H.1796 An Act relative to behavioral health managed care organizations Elizabeth A. Malia
H.1797 An Act providing equitable access to behavioral health services for MassHealth consumers Elizabeth A. Malia
H.1798 An Act relative to mental health and substance abuse clinics Elizabeth A. Malia