Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.183 An Act to facilitate and regulate residential selling practices Garrett J. Bradley
H.240 An Act relative to residential construction contracts John J. Lawn, Jr.
H.204 An Act relative to clarifying homeowners right to perform electrical work Peter J. Durant
H.232 An Act relative to the residential contractors guaranty fund Louis L. Kafka
S.114 An Act futher regulating the continuing education requirements for certain real estate appraisers and trainees. Thomas P. Kennedy
S.118 An Act relative to residential construction contracts Thomas P. Kennedy
H.292 An Act to promote consumer protection for residential home purchasers Theodore C. Speliotis
H.290 An Act providing information to real estate buyers. Theodore C. Speliotis
H.237 An Act relative to streamlining home improvement contractor registration John D. Keenan
S.86 An Act relative to real estate document disclosure Cynthia S. Creem
H.188 An Act allowing renewal of real estate broker and salespersons licenses James M. Cantwell
H.249 An Act to update the home improvement contractor law Paul W. Mark
S.149 An Act relative to dual agency disclosure Bruce E. Tarr