Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
S.502 An Act to establish criteria for Masshealth hardship waivers Harriette L. Chandler
S.504 An Act improving the children's medical security program and simplifying the administration process Katherine M. Clark
S.508 An Act to study disparities in health care resulting from changes in marital status. Cynthia S. Creem
S.517 An Act to preserve eligibility for PACE program and certain waivered participants James B. Eldridge
S.521 An act providing an alternative to institutional care Patricia D. Jehlen
S.522 An Act eliminating age discrimination in the MassHealth program. Patricia D. Jehlen
S.524 An Act establishing a hardship waiver for Medicaid beneficiaries Thomas P. Kennedy
S.527 An Act to provide personal care attendant orientation Thomas P. Kennedy
S.528 An Act relative to adult foster care rate adjustment Thomas M. McGee
S.539 An Act requiring MassHealth to provide an explanation of benefits to beneficiaries Richard T. Moore
S.558 An Act relative to transparency of rates Anthony W. Petruccelli
S.559 An Act relative to program notification Anthony W. Petruccelli
H.1006 An Act relative to the definition of autism in the childrens autism medicaid waiver Garrett J. Bradley
H.1009 An Act relative to review of adult foster care services Tackey Chan
H.1026 An Act relative to MassHealth providing medically necessary treatments for members diagnosed with autism Danielle W. Gregoire
H.1027 An Act to establish criteria for MassHealth hardship waivers Kate Hogan
H.1049 An Act eliminating age discrimination in the MassHealth Program Denise Provost