Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.881 An Act relative to credit for reinsurance requirements Michael A. Costello
H.973 An Act relative to greater fairness in insurance Tom Sannicandro
H.946 An Act ensuring fairness in deductible rates set by the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association Timothy R. Madden
S.473 An Act relative to homeowners' fire insurance policies. Marc R. Pacheco
H.987 An Act requiring insurance companies to offer same coverage for manufactured housing. Todd M. Smola
H.911 An Act relative to insurance coverage for homeowner heating safety and remediation of oil spills John P. Fresolo
H.942 An Act relative to homeowner insurance Robert M. Koczera
H.943 An Act providing insurance coverage to certain spouses. Robert M. Koczera
S.446 An Act for greater fairness in insurance policies Patricia D. Jehlen
S.447 An Act regulating executive compensation at mutual insurance companies Patricia D. Jehlen
S.465 An Act relative to liability coverage under the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association Michael O. Moore
H.860 An Act to protect consumers of homeowner's insurance Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.918 An Act concerning the use of certain insurance underwriting guidelines pertaining to dogs harbored upon the insured property Anne M. Gobi
H.963 An Act relative to Massachusetts homeowners’ insurance rate filings Sarah K. Peake
H.959 An Act relative to FAIR plan credits and assessments James M. Murphy
S.474 An Act relative to coverage under the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association. Marc R. Pacheco
H.865 An Act relative to an investigation to review flood insurance rates James M. Cantwell
H.922 An Act relative to the Massachusetts life and health insurance guaranty association law Russell E. Holmes
S.461 An Act relative to executive compensation for mutual companies Mark C. Montigny
H.886 An Act relative to the anti-arson application for dwelling policies Michael A. Costello
H.958 An Act relating to fire insurance James M. Murphy