Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.849 An Act relative to mental health insurance Garrett J. Bradley
H.928 An Act relative to the health insurance of children of divorced parents Louis L. Kafka
H.930 An Act relative to the cancellation of certain health insurance policies Louis L. Kafka
S.439 An Act relative to patient medication adherence Barry R. Finegold
H.841 An Act related to collection of health care co-insurance and deductibles Carlo Basile
H.935 An Act relative to health care consumer protection Kay Khan
H.835 An Act relative to the continuity of care of mental health treatment Ruth B. Balser
H.889 An Act to define the use of observation services Michael A. Costello
H.995 An Act to improve access to alcohol and other drug clinical services Martin J. Walsh
H.967 An Act further regulating insurance benefits. Kathi-Anne Reinstein
H.861 An Act eliminating the need for medical reauthorization for coverage of nonprescription enteral formula Christine E. Canavan
H.956 An Act concerning the safety of autistic and alzheimer individuals Aaron Michlewitz
S.454 An Act relative to patient care access Thomas P. Kennedy
S.455 An Act requiring insurers to report malpractice claims or actions for optometrists Thomas P. Kennedy
H.924 An Act relative to administrative simplification Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.948 An Act to expand coverage and access to behavioral health services Elizabeth A. Malia
H.840 An Act to require health care coverage for the emergency psychiatric services Ruth B. Balser
S.477 An Act relative to patient financial protection Anthony W. Petruccelli
S.441 An Act relative to reducing the cost of health care Jennifer L. Flanagan
H.951 An Act relative to insurance companies and quality measures Ronald Mariano
S.436 An Act relative to collection of health care co-insurance and deductibles Benjamin B. Downing
S.431 An Act relating to administrative simplification Sal N. DiDomenico
H.3391 An Act relative to the indemnification of health professionals Thomas A. Golden, Jr.
S.460 An Act establishing accountability for managed care organizations. Mark C. Montigny
H.3425 An Act to extend coverage for any willing provider to qualify as a mental health professional Sheila C. Harrington