Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.1891 An Act relative to facilitating the utilization of psychologists on the health care team Ruth B. Balser
H.1900 An Act to increase current medical providers' knowledge about autism in order to improve the treatment individuals with autism receive in medical settings Garrett J. Bradley
H.1903 An Act providing for direct care for dialysis patients Christine E. Canavan
H.1911 An Act to limit outsourcing of the Massachusetts health care workforce Tackey Chan
H.1941 An Act supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities Carolyn C. Dykema
H.1951 An Act health insurance; mandated coverage for telemedicine services Gloria L. Fox
H.1963 An Act promoting health through workplace safety for social workers Sean Garballey
H.2005 An Act creating a nursing advisory board Kay Khan
H.2006 An Act relative to nurse licensure compact in Massachusetts Kay Khan
H.2019 An Act to provide personal care attendant orientation Jason M. Lewis
H.2099 An act to improve emergency medical services training Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.
H.2104 An act to improve quality of life by expanding access to palliative care Chris Walsh
H.2114 An Act relative to full application of telemedicine coverage Daniel B. Winslow
S.987 An Act regarding spouses as caregivers Gale D. Candaras
S.993 An Act relative to the health care work force center Harriette L. Chandler
S.1003 An Act promoting the public health through workplace safety for social workers Sal N. DiDomenico
S.1007 An Act relative to volunteer ambulance service Benjamin B. Downing
S.1025 An Act relative to nursing education faculty to student ratios Robert L. Hedlund
S.1042 An Act to allow out-of-state physicians to order home care in the Commonwealth Michael R. Knapik
S.1060 An Act adopting the nurse licensure compact Richard T. Moore
S.1083 An Act relative to the board of registration in nursing Richard T. Moore
S.1086 An Act to promote safe patient care Richard T. Moore
S.1108 An Act to limit outsourcing of the Massachusetts Health Care Workforce Daniel A. Wolf
S.991 An Act providing for safe patient handling. Harriette L. Chandler
H.1969 An Act relating to safe patient handling in certain health facilities Denise C. Garlick