Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.1607 An Act relative to indemnification of University of Massachusetts Police John W. Scibak
H.27 An Act making uniform the law regarding trade secrets NONE
H.32 An Act revising the Uniform Arbitration Act for commercial disputes NONE
S.690 An Act relative to strengthening the anti-slapp law Cynthia S. Creem
S.786 An Act relative to employee records Richard J. Ross
H.1214 An act to simpify administrative aspect of evidentary use of medical information Garrett J. Bradley
H.1213 An act to allow reasonable evaluation of civil damage claims Garrett J. Bradley
H.1271 An Act relative to the disposition of class action residual funds Thomas P. Conroy
H.1573 An Act relative to contracts between court reporters and an attorney or party having a financial interest in an action Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.
H.1170 An Act to reform the tort claims act Denise Andrews
H.1602 An Act relative to limited civil liability for sports officials Angelo M. Scaccia
H.1587 An Act to restore enforcement of civil rights Byron Rushing
H.1682 An Act relative to employee references Martha M. Walz
H.1570 An Act to promote pedestrian safety Denise Provost
H.1254 An Act providing for equitable rights to indemnity for public employees Tackey Chan
S.625 An Act relative to penalties for shoplifting William N. Brownsberger
H.1363 An Act relative to dog training areas in the Commonwealth Anne M. Gobi
S.635 An Act relative to parental responsibility in bullying Gale D. Candaras
H.1482 An Act allowing for private arbitration for all parties involved in residential contracting Timothy R. Madden
H.1339 An Act relative to patient care access William C. Galvin
H.1340 An Act relative to expert witnesses in actions for medical malpractice William C. Galvin
H.1576 An Act relative to the tort liability of hospitals. Kathi-Anne Reinstein
H.1267 An Act relative to the liability standards of public employers Nick Collins
H.1606 An Act relative to agricultural crop and property destruction Paul A. Schmid, III
S.729 An Act restoring enforcement of civil rights James B. Eldridge
H.1451 An Act reducing interest liability in treble damage settlements Kevin J. Kuros
H.1326 An Act providing indemnity for certain police and firefighters John P. Fresolo
H.1285 An Act relative to providing a safe harbor for good samaritans Viriato Manuel deMacedo
H.1598 An Act to protect consumers from usurious rates on credit cards Tom Sannicandro
H.1678 An Act to clarify the reporting of medical liability claims Steven M. Walsh
H.1211 An Act relative to certain judicial procedures Garrett J. Bradley
S.795 An Act protecting certain persons who render voluntary services at the scene of a disaster or catastrophe Karen E. Spilka
H.1216 An Act relative to punitive damages Garrett J. Bradley
S.763 An Act to clarify the charitable purposes of certain organizations. Thomas M. McGee
H.1318 An Act to clarify the meal break law and to establish private enforcement Linda Dorcena Forry
H.1459 An Act relative to prejudgment interest rates Jason M. Lewis
H.1317 An Act to regulate debt collection activity Linda Dorcena Forry
H.1229 An Act providing indemnity from prosecution for probation officers and court officers employed by the Trial Court Michael D. Brady
H.1485 An Act relative to emergency and disaster planning for health care providers Elizabeth A. Malia
S.780 An Act relative to indemnification of University of Massachusetts Police Stanley C. Rosenberg
H.1560 An Act relative to civil liability for protecting one's home George N. Peterson, Jr.
H.1403 An Act relative to civil liability for protecting one's home Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.1585 An Act relative to unfair and deceptive practices Dennis A. Rosa
H.1503 An Act relative to farmers markets Paul McMurtry
H.1504 An Act relative to the donations of leftover food by restaurants and cafeterias Paul McMurtry
H.1242 An Act to prevent vexatious litigation and waste of judicial resources Thomas J. Calter
H.1550 An Act relative to the awarding of costs and attorney’s fees Alice Hanlon Peisch
H.1212 An Act relative to the social host statute Garrett J. Bradley
H.1341 An Act relative to defibrillators in health clubs Sean Garballey
H.1629 An Act establishing a time frame for taking action against an appraiser Thomas M. Stanley
S.765 An Act revising the charitable immunity cap. Mark C. Montigny
H.1633 An Act relative to administration of the government William M. Straus
H.1555 An Act to reduce lead poisoning in children Alice Hanlon Peisch
S.767 An Act relative to a private cause of action to prevent the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals Mark C. Montigny
H.1368 An Act relative to damages Thomas A. Golden, Jr.
H.1206 An Act providing for the civil liability of drug dealers John J. Binienda
H.1225 An Act to protect intellectual property and trade secrets to promote economic development and job creation Garrett J. Bradley
H.1453 An Act protecting businesses that donate to food banks Kevin J. Kuros
H.1687 An Act relative to consumer protection laws Daniel B. Winslow