Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
S.345 An Act relative to land taking regulations Gale D. Candaras
S.350 An Act establishing a 0% interest program for the state revolving loan fund for water and sewer projects and establishing 3:1 leveraging for such projects. Cynthia S. Creem
S.368 An Act relating to reptiles and amphibians Robert L. Hedlund
S.371 An Act authorizing municipalities to petition for public involvement plans in cases of hazardous material sites. John F. Keenan
S.376 An Act relative to oil spills Mark C. Montigny
S.384 An Act to simplify the administration of Title V and reduction of applicable paperwork Richard T. Moore
S.391 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program Anthony W. Petruccelli
S.392 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program - municipal reimbursement Anthony W. Petruccelli
S.393 An Act relative to the sewer rate relief fund Anthony W. Petruccelli
S.395 An Act to support the infiltration/inflow financial assistance program Anthony W. Petruccelli
S.405 An Act requiring local approval for low level radioactive waste sites Bruce E. Tarr
S.411 An Act relative to reinforcing the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act Bruce E. Tarr
H.661 An Act relative to prevention of hazardous material release Jennifer E. Benson
H.667 An Act to increase the annual stipend for members of the Commonwealth’s hazardous material response teams Christine E. Canavan
H.694 An Act to regulate coal ash as solid waste Lori A. Ehrlich
H.697 An Act relative to ensuring uniformity in the regulation of sanitary sewage treatments Robert F. Fennell
H.709 An Act to assure uniformity in the regulation of sanitary sewage treatment and disposal Colleen M. Garry
H.710 An Act providing for notice to the public of hazardous waste sites Colleen M. Garry
H.721 An Act valuing our natural resources Anne M. Gobi
H.731 An Act relative to Title V approval Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.745 An Act to reinstate the clean environment fund Robert M. Koczera
H.756 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act Stephen Kulik
H.763 An Act relative to the sewer rate relief fund Ronald Mariano
H.779 An Act relative to an underground storage tank petroleum product cleanup fund George N. Peterson, Jr.
H.780 An Act relative to areas of critical environmental concern George N. Peterson, Jr.
H.793 An Act establishing a trust fund within the department of conservation and recreation for the planting of trees Angelo M. Scaccia
H.810 An Act Requiring Recycling of Lead Acid Batteries Todd M. Smola
H.815 An Act to authorize the Department of Food and Agriculture to expend a certain sum of money for integrated pest management and control of invasive plants William M. Straus
H.822 An Act exempting towns from certain fees Cleon H. Turner
H.825 An Act regulating the disposal of prescription medication Steven M. Walsh
H.827 An Act relative to sidewalk safety Martha M. Walz
H.830 An Act to reduce duplicative permitting in septic system upgrades Daniel B. Winslow
H.3343 An Act relative to septic systems Paul A. Schmid, III
H.3424 An Act relative to waste removal plans for transfer stations Walter F. Timilty
H.3666 An Act enhancing the sewage disposal system inspection process Steven S. Howitt