Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
S.1938 An Act authorizing the board of selectmen to exempt eco-toilet installations from sewer connections and associated betterments in the town of Falmouth Therese Murray
S.1939 An Act regulating sewer betterment assessments in the town of Falmouth Therese Murray
S.1940 An Act further amending Chapter 654 of the Acts of 1975 (2) Therese Murray
S.1941 An Act relative to the Falmouth Historic District Commission Therese Murray
S.1961 An Act authorizing the town of Westport to lease a certain parcel of land Michael J. Rodrigues
H.3768 An Act validating certain actions taken at the annual town meeting held in the town of Swampscott Deval L. Patrick
H.3773 An Act relating to the issuance of temporary notes by cities, towns and districts Stephen Kulik
H.3776 An Act authorizing the town of Acton to transfer certain forest land to general municipal purposes Jennifer E. Benson
H.3814 An Act relative to Quincy College Ronald Mariano
H.3817 An Act authorizing the late filing of a tax abatement application for the Amherst Committee for a Better Chance, Inc Ellen Story
H.3818 An Act relative to the Parks and Recreation Commission in Hardwick Anne M. Gobi
H.3823 An Act creating a board of water and sewer commissioners in the city of Newburyport Michael A. Costello
H.3834 An Act eliminating the board of public works of the town of Acushnet Robert M. Koczera