Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
S.417 An Act to ensure full compliance with good funds statute William N. Brownsberger
S.425 An Act to facilitate alternatives to foreclosure Harriette L. Chandler
S.456 An Act relative to residential mortgage foreclosures Michael R. Knapik
S.459 An Act protecting banking consumers. Mark C. Montigny
S.466 An Act relative to fraud or embezzlement Michael O. Moore
S.482 An Act relative to non-payment of insurance premiums from escrowed funds by lending institutions Michael J. Rodrigues
S.490 An Act relative to foreclosed property Michael F. Rush
S.491 An Act relative to vacated foreclosed residential property Michael F. Rush
S.492 An Act to establish a foreclosure mediation program Karen E. Spilka
S.1824 Resolutions relative to banking Michael O. Moore
S.1912 An Act improving safety at Automated Teller Machines Brian A. Joyce
H.833 An Act providing mortgage customers additional mandatory information regarding their accounts Bruce J. Ayers
H.877 An Act relative to confidentiality of examination reports of the Division of Banks Michael A. Costello
H.885 An Act relative to non-payment of insurance premiums from escrowed funds Michael A. Costello
H.898 An Act providing for homeowner consolidation and relief. Geoff Diehl
H.938 An Act Declaring Greater Responsibility in Lending and the Cancellation of Secured and/or Unsecured Debts Owed to Financial Institutions by the Homeowners of Massachusetts and For Other Purposes. Kay Khan
H.947 An Act to facilitate alternatives to foreclosure John J. Mahoney
H.972 An Act to prohibit the issuance of mortgages to persons convicted of arson Jeffrey Sánchez
H.988 An Act requiring public viewing before auctioning housing units Todd M. Smola
H.998 An Act relative to municipal industrial financing authorities Martin J. Walsh
H.3507 An Act to provide for the Mass Emergency Homeowner Assistance Program Geoff Diehl