Budget Amendment ID: FY2014-S3-419

EDU 419

Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment

Ms. Creem and Ms. Candaras and Messrs. Moore, Knapik, DiDomenico, Barrett, Brownsberger, Rush, Joyce, Pacheco and McGee and Ms. Spilka moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 2, in item 7009-9600, by inserting after the words “opportunity for their children to participate in the inclusive concurrent enrollment initiative” the following words:-  “provided further that the executive office of education, in consultation with the department of elementary and secondary education and the department of higher education shall encourage planning and development of a pilot program to include students in the residence life of the state public institutions of higher education to enable inclusive dormitory living;”; and in said item by striking out the figures “$400,000” and inserting in place thereof the following figures: - “$960,000”