Budget Amendment ID: FY2014-S3-596

EHS 596

Emergency Psychiatric Care (EPC) Plan

Messrs. Keenan and Rush moved that the proposed new text be amended by inserting after Section ____, the following new Section:-



"Section ____. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, any person admitted to a hospital emergency room in the Commonwealth for the treatment of mental illness or substance abuse and a determination has been made that an inpatient admission is required either by an ESP team, psychiatrist or the Emergency Department physician, the person’s insurance and any entity with whom they contract to manage behavioral health benefits, including the Medicaid managed care organizations and any entity with whom they contract to manage behavioral health benefits for MassHealth members, shall be required to participate in the location of an appropriate bed within 24 hours after the determination has been made. If an appropriate bed is not located within 24 hours, the inpatient psychiatric per diem rate shall be paid to the emergency department upon billing until an appropriate bed is located; provided further, that while the patient is boarded in the emergency department, psychiatric care by licensed mental health professionals shall commence and said licensed mental health professional shall be compensated for such services under appropriate billing codes; provided further that ESP teams shall be compensated for every follow-up encounter with patients awaiting inpatient admission after more than 24 hours in an Emergency Department.