Amendment #13 to H4377

Planting Pollinator Forage in Clean Energy Installations

Ms. Dykema of Holliston moves to amend the bill by adding the following section:


"SECTION XX. The Department of Energy Resources, in consultation with the Department of Transportation, shall identify opportunities in the state for the installation of diverse native plant communities that include flowers, wildflowers, vegetables, weeds, herbs, ornamental plants, cover crops, and legume species that attract honey bees and other pollinators in clean energy installations including, but not limited to, solar installations. In instances where an alternative is the planting of nonnative, cool-season turf grasses, proposals for clean energy installations shall, wherever possible, prioritize pollinator-friendly plantings. In identifying such opportunities, the departments may consider, but shall not be limited to, the availability of partnerships with private entities to assist in the funding of such additional costs that pollinator-friendly plantings may incur. "