Amendment ID: S2020-33-R1

Redraft Amendment 33

Special Commission to investigate state licensed addiction treatment centers

Messrs. Hedlund and Ross move to amend the bill by inserting, after section 35, the following section:


"SECTION 35A. There shall be a special commission to investigate and study state licensed addiction treatment centers.

The commission shall consist of: the secretary of health and human services or a designee, who shall serve as chair; the commissioner of mental health or a designee; the commissioner of public health or a designee; the director of medicaid or a designee; the inspector general or a designee; and 6 members who shall be appointed by the secretary of health and human services: 3 of whom shall be advocates from the addiction treatment community and 3 of whom shall be a family members of individuals who have been treated at a state licensed addition treatment center.

The commission shall: (1) solicit information and input from addiction treatment service providers, consumers, families and any other parties or entities the commission considers appropriate; (2) examine the effectiveness of addiction treatment services in promoting successful outcomes of recovery and wellness, (3) examine ways to encourage engagement from individuals in recovery from substance use disorders in policy development related to service delivery and the training and evaluation of services, (4) consider best practice models of delivery and the provision of recovery oriented services in other states; (6) examine mental health considerations when an individual enters an addiction treatment center, including, but not limited to, patient access to mental health services and (7) recommend legislation to improve services for people in a state licensed addiction treatment center.

The commission shall submit a report to the general court of the results of its investigation and its recommendations, if any, together with any drafts of proposed legislation, with the clerks  of the senate and the house of representatives, the chairs of the joint committee on mental health and substance abuse, and the chairs of the senate and house committees on ways and means not later than January 1, 2017.".