Amendment ID: S2093-18

Amendment 18


Messrs. Tarr and Ross move to amend the bill in Section 3, by inserting after subsection (c), the following subsection:-

“(d) The provisions of the subsections (a) through (c) inclusively  shall not apply to a vehicle operated by a person who is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as an amateur radio operator and who is providing a communication service in connection with an actual or impending disaster or emergency, participating in a drill, test, or other exercise in preparation for a disaster or emergency or otherwise communicating public information, an employee or contractor of a public utility who uses a handheld wireless communications device while responding to a dispatch by the public utility to respond to an emergency, including, without limitation, a response to a power outage or an interruption in utility service, or a member of the armed forces of the United States, while operating a military vehicle."