Budget Amendment ID: FY2016-S3-241

ENV 241

Circuit Capacity Task Force

Ms. Flanagan moved that the proposed new text be amended By inserting, after section ____, the following new section: -

SECTION ____. There shall be a task force convened to review the existing interconnection standards for distributed generation and circuit capacity as a part of the interconnection process in solar panel installation in the commonwealth. The task force shall consist of 7 members: 1 appointee to be chosen by the speaker of the house of representatives, who shall serve as co-chair; 1 appointee to be chosen by the president of the senate, who shall serve as co-chair; the secretary of the executive office of energy and environmental affairs, or a designee; and 1 representative to be chosen by the co-chairs from each of the following: the distribution utilities; the solar industry developers; the department of public utilities; and the president of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, or a designee. The task force may include any additional persons deemed necessary.