Budget Amendment ID: FY2016-S3-606

EDU 606

Mobile College Planning Centers

Ms. Donoghue moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 2, in item 7066-0000, by inserting at the end thereof the following:- “; provided further, there shall be a competitive grant program to operate a state-wide mobile college planning center to provide assistance to Massachusetts families in developing a comprehensive plan, digital financial education, and debt management counseling; provided further, that the program shall be administered by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education; provided further, that program eligibility is contingent upon an applicant’s ability to provide a matching amount of at least $100,000 in additional private funding for direct support of the state-wide mobile college planning center; provided further, that the program shall be chosen through a single competitive process and that the funds be dispersed by September, 30, 2015;”


And in said item by striking out the figures "$3,149,334" and inserting in place thereof the following figures:- "$3,249,334"