Budget Amendment ID: FY2016-S3-709

EHS 709

Transparency with the Health Connector Board

Messrs. Tarr, Ross, deMacedo, Fattman and Humason moved that the proposed new text be amended by inserting after section ___ the following new section:-

“SECTION __.  Chapter 176Q, as so appearing, is hereby amended by inserting after section 18 the following two new sections:-

176Q:19 Health Connector Transparency

Section 19. The connector shall be subject to the open meeting law as established under G.L.c. 30A, §§18-25 and subject to public records request as established under G.L.c. 66. A public record for purposes of this section shall include but not be limited to board votes, meeting minutes, financial records, contract, and staff salaries. This information shall also be made publicly available on the website of the connector.

176Q:20 Return on Investment

Section 20. The secretary of administration and finance shall on an annual basis review and evaluate the return on investments made by the connector. Said review and evaluation along with any recommendations shall be filed with the clerks of the house and senate, the house and senate committee on ways, and joint committee on health care financing no later than December 31 annually.”