Amendment #1037 to H3600

Local Aid Amendment

Representatives Cabral of New Bedford, Fiola of Fall River, McGonagle of Everett and Keefe of Worcester move to amend the bill—


SECTION 1.          in section 3—

(a) in line 6, by inserting after the word “section” the words “and section 40X of the General Laws”; and

(b) in line 49, by striking out the following: “the distribution below shall control” and inserting in place thereof the following: “the language of this section shall control”.

SECTION 2.          by adding the following section:

“SECTION XXXX. The General Laws are hereby amended by inserting after chapter 40W the following chapter:-



Section 1.            Definitions. In this chapter—

(a) the term “additional assistance” means the amount appropriated to a municipality by acts making general appropriations for each fiscal year and designated therein as “unrestricted general government aid,” less the distribution to said municipality pursuant to clause (c) of the second paragraph of section 35 of chapter 10 of the General Laws;

(b) the term “municipal cost” means the sum of 28 times the municipality’s population density, plus 19.8 times the municipality’s poverty rate, plus 81 times the municipality’s unemployment rate, plus 272 times the jobs per capita rate of the municipality, plus 570.2;

(c) the term “municipal gap” means the difference between municipal costs and municipal revenue raising capacity;

(d) the term “municipal revenue raising capacity” means the sum of 0.0142 times the per capita taxable residential property value raised to the two-thirds power, multiplied by the per capita income of the municipality’s residents raised to the one-thirds power, plus 0.0126 multiplied by the per capita taxable nonresidential property value of the municipality; and

(e) the term “secretary” means the secretary of administration and finance.

Section 2. The secretary shall—

(a) calculate the municipal gap for each municipality; and

(b) make available to the house and senate committees on ways and means, in an electronically compatible format—

(1) the underlying data and calculations necessary to generate the municipal gap; and

(2) each component of state aid authorized for distribution to municipalities pursuant to this chapter.

Section 3. Any additional assistance appropriated beyond the total amount appropriated in the last full fiscal year before the passage of this act shall be appropriated solely to those municipalities with a municipal gap greater than 0 and in proportion to each municipality’s municipal gap, as determined pursuant to section 2.”.


Amendment #1037 to H3600

Local Aid Amendment


RoseLee Vincent

Thomas A. Golden, Jr.

Natalie Higgins

Steven Ultrino

Michelle M. DuBois

Bud Williams

Daniel M. Donahue