Amendment #1151 to H3600

Lowell Regional Taskforce

Representatives Golden of Lowell, Nangle of Lowell and Mom of Lowell move to amend the bill in section 2, in item 1599-0026, in line 30, by inserting after the word “distribution” the following:

“Provided further, that not less than $75,000 shall be expended for the creation and operation of the Lowell Regional Taskforce for the purpose of coordinating a regional response to perpetrators of crime that extends beyond the borders of a municipality, including, but not limited to, drug distribution, human trafficking, and organized theft. Said monies shall be used to purchase surveillance equipment including, but not limited to, wireless pole cameras, software, and radios for undercover operations”;

and in said item by striking out the figures “$7,300,000” and inserting in place thereof the figures “$7,375,000”.