Amendment #1174 to H3600

Chapter 70 Distribution

Mr. Cahill of Lynn moves to amend the bill in section 3 by striking the third and fourth paragraphs and inserting in place thereof the following:


"Required local contribution shall be allocated among the districts to which a municipality belongs in direct proportion to the foundation budgets for the municipality's pupils at each of those districts. For fiscal year 2018, the "foundation aid increment" shall be the difference between: (a) the positive difference between a district's foundation budget and its required district contribution; and (b) prior year aid. “Growth aid” shall be the positive change, if any, between the district’s FY18 and FY17 foundation budgets multiplied by the target aid share multiplied by 0.5, minus the foundation aid increment.  The "minimum aid increment" shall be equal to $30 multiplied by the district's foundation enrollment minus the foundation aid increment minus growth aid.


Chapter 70 aid for fiscal year 2018 shall be the sum of prior year aid plus the foundation aid increment, if any, plus growth aid, if any, plus the minimum aid increment, if any. No non-operating district shall receive chapter 70 aid in an amount greater than the district's foundation budget."



and by striking out the figures "$4,734,405,553" and inserting in place thereof the figures "$4,750,019,956".


Amendment #1174 to H3600

Chapter 70 Distribution


Brendan P. Crighton

James J. Dwyer

Jay D. Livingstone

Brian M. Ashe

Sean Garballey

RoseLee Vincent

Claire D. Cronin

Solomon Goldstein-Rose

Carmine L. Gentile

Paul R. Heroux

Denise Provost

James M. Murphy

John W. Scibak

Edward F. Coppinger

Nick Collins

Thomas M. Stanley

Stephan Hay

Mike Connolly

David M. Rogers

Jack Lewis

Michael S. Day

Paul McMurtry

Bud Williams

John C. Velis

James Arciero