Amendment #137 to H3600

The Attleboro Area Social Responsibility Consortium

Representatives Poirier of North Attleborough, Barrows of Mansfield and Howitt of Seekonk move to amend the bill in section 2, in item 4590-1507, by adding the following: "provided further that not less than $20,000 be expended for The Attleboro Area Social Responsibility Consortium (fiscal agent Attleboro YMCA) to provide a pilot transportation program of 1,000 rides (C.A.R.)-Community Access to Rides, to the low-income population without vehicles in the Attleboro/Norton area since GATRA services are not operational after 5:00pm on weeknights/weekends. Through this transportation, individuals are able to work second/third shifts, schedule doctor appointments, attend evening school and religious services. Matching funding will be sought through local non-profits."