Amendment #319 to H3600

Home Works Program

Representatives Speliotis of Danvers, Cahill of Lynn, Cutler of Duxbury, Lawn of Watertown and Puppolo of Springfield move to amend the bill in section 2, in item 7004-0101, in line 147, by inserting after the word "beds"  the following: "; provided further that not less than $965,000 shall be expended to establish the Home Works program; provided further, that the Home Works program shall provide opportunities for children in the emergency housing assistance program to attend out-of-school time and summer programming run by youth serving organizations; provided further, that a youth serving organization shall apply to contract with the department of housing and community development to receive contract slots to serve children in the program; provided further, that, youth serving organizations shall obtain criminal offender record information for each staff member employed by the program with responsibilities that include direct care for children pursuant to section 172H of chapter 6 of the General Laws and sex offender registry information pursuant to section 178I of said chapter 6, as well as information that is publicly available from a registry of sex offender information that is operated or coordinated by the federal government; provided further, that the department may expend funds for the administration and implementation of the Home Works program"; and in said item by striking out the figures "155,533,948" and inserting in place thereof the figures "156,498,948".



Amendment #319 to H3600

Home Works Program


Kay Khan

Linda Dean Campbell

Paul McMurtry

David Paul Linsky

Jack Lewis

F. Jay Barrows

Chris Walsh

Thomas P. Walsh

Carmine L. Gentile

Michael S. Day

Mathew Muratore

Bradford R. Hill

James Arciero

Michelle M. DuBois