Amendment #382 to H3600

MRVP improvements

Representatives Connolly of Cambridge, Barber of Somerville, Provost of Somerville, Garlick of Needham, Smizik of Brookline, Ashe of Longmeadow, Madaro of Boston, Lewis of Framingham, Crocker of Barnstable and Goldstein-Rose of Amherst move to amend the bill in section 2, in item 7004-9024, by inserting after the words, “that the report shall comply with state and federal privacy standards;” the following - “;provided further, that notwithstanding any special or general law to the contrary, funds may be expended from this item for the costs of a voucher management system; provided further that the department approved monthly rent levels for mobile vouchers issued or leased after July 1, 2017, shall not be less than the current area-wide fair market rent based on unit size as established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development; provided however, that the rent level must be determined to be reasonable by the administering agency; provided further that for mobile vouchers currently leased, the new rent level shall not begin until the anniversary date of the lease; provided further, that the Administration shall begin distributing any newly funded vouchers on or before August 1, 2017; and provided further, that the total amount appropriated and re-appropriated under this item shall include unexpended funds appropriated for this item in fiscal year 2017 which shall not revert but shall be made available for purposes of this item for fiscal year 2018”.

Amendment #382 to H3600

MRVP improvements


Jonathan Hecht

Kay Khan

James J. O'Day

Chris Walsh

Daniel M. Donahue

Thomas J. Calter

Elizabeth A. Malia

Jonathan D. Zlotnik

Chynah Tyler

Jennifer E. Benson

Natalie Higgins

Sean Garballey

Jay D. Livingstone

James M. Cantwell

Russell E. Holmes

Stephan Hay

Thomas M. Stanley

Lori A. Ehrlich

Peter V. Kocot

Paul Tucker

Frank A. Moran