Amendment #487 to H3600

Secure Jobs

Representatives Wagner of Chicopee, Ayers of Quincy, Cassidy of Brockton and Mark of Peru move to amend the bill, in section 2, by striking out item 4400-1020 and inserting in place thereof the following item:

“4400-1020 For operation of the Secure Jobs Connect program for employment support, job training and job search services for homeless or previously homeless families receiving assistance from the department of housing and community development under items 7004-0101, 7004-0108, 7004-9024 or 7004-9316; provided, that participants receiving assistance under items 7004-0101 and 7004-0108 shall receive a minimum of 12 months of housing stabilization services under said items; provided, that services shall be delivered by community-based agencies that have demonstrated experience working in partnership with regional administering agencies, including, but not limited to: Community Teamwork, Inc.; Father Bill's & MainSpring, Inc.; HAP, Inc.; Jewish Vocational Service, Inc.; SERJobs for Progress, Inc.; South Middlesex Opportunity Council; and Worcester Community Action Council, Inc.;  provided further, that the department of housing and community development shall make available rental assistance pursuant to item 7004-9024 to ensure effective participation in this program; and provided further, that service delivery agencies shall seek additional federal, state or private funds to ensure the effective continuation of regional partnerships….$2,000,000”.

Amendment #487 to H3600

Secure Jobs


Claire D. Cronin

Kay Khan

Rady Mom

Paul McMurtry

Michelle M. DuBois

Jonathan Hecht

David Paul Linsky

Lori A. Ehrlich

Chris Walsh

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Colleen M. Garry

Carole A. Fiola

Peter V. Kocot

Carmine L. Gentile

Jack Lewis

José F. Tosado

David M. Rogers

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Antonio F. D. Cabral

John W. Scibak

Jennifer E. Benson

Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.

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