Amendment #540 to H3600

South End Community Health Center

Representatives Rushing of Boston and Michlewitz of Boston move to amend the bill in section 2 by inserting after item 4510-0108 the following item:


"XXXX-XXXX For the South End Community Health Center, Inc. (SECHC) satellite clinic, the Dr. Gerald Hass Center (The Hass Center) at the Blackstone Innovation School, to provide community-informed, early childhood intervention service to increase capacity in pediatric and family medicine to address the unmet and complex needs of under-resourced populations; create A Bridge for Success (ABS) non-clinical programming; and provide a bridge and gateway for new parents to access childcare programs for their children; provided that South End Community Health Center, Inc. shall be solely responsible for the administration of this program; and provided further, that SECHC shall file a report with the clerks of the house of representatives and senate, the commissioner of the department of public health, and the chairs of the house and senate committees on ways and means no later than January 4, 2018 on the number of people and families served, the average cost per participant, the demographics of those served, and whether participants have previously received government services and any projected cost-savings in other state programs....$350,000.”