Amendment #716 to H3600

Prison Mitigation

Representatives D'Emilia of Bridgewater, Benson of Lunenburg, Naughton of Clinton, McMurtry of Dedham, Kafka of Stoughton, Zlotnik of Gardner, Muratore of Plymouth, Dooley of Norfolk, Barrows of Mansfield, Cutler of Duxbury, Howitt of Seekonk, Atkins of Concord, Cantwell of Marshfield, Walsh of Framingham, Rogers of Norwood, Williams of Springfield and Lombardo of Billerica move to amend the bill, in section 2, in item 8900-0001, in line 24, by inserting after the word “security”, the following:-


";and provided further, that the department shall expend not less than $2,500,000 for cities and towns hosting facilities;”


;and in said item by striking out the following figures "$615,539,903" and inserting in place thereof the figures "$618,039,903".