Amendment #79 to H3600

Valuing Children Equally

Ms. Decker of Cambridge moves to amend the bill in section 2, in item 4403-2000 by striking out the figures “$160,976,574” and inserting in place thereof the figures "$172,476,574";


and by inserting the following new section:


"SECTION XXa. Section 2 of chapter 118 of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting at the end of the first paragraph the following sentence: - Notwithstanding chapter 5 of the acts of 1995 as amended or any general or other special law to the contrary, aid shall be provided for each such child, and work requirements, the time limit, and exemption status shall be determined, without regard to whether a child was conceived or born after the parent began receiving aid under this chapter."


Amendment #79 to H3600

Valuing Children Equally


Mike Connolly

John J. Lawn, Jr.

Christine P. Barber

Michelle M. DuBois

Kay Khan

Jonathan Hecht

James R. Miceli

Frank I. Smizik

Antonio F. D. Cabral

Carmine L. Gentile

Chris Walsh

Jay R. Kaufman

Natalie Higgins

José F. Tosado

Juana B. Matias

Aaron Vega

Jennifer E. Benson

Tricia Farley-Bouvier

Kevin G. Honan

Mary S. Keefe

Paul R. Heroux

Carlos González

Gerard Cassidy

Nick Collins

Denise Provost

Jay D. Livingstone

James J. O'Day

Thomas M. Stanley

Daniel M. Donahue

Daniel Cahill

Daniel J. Ryan

Elizabeth A. Malia

David M. Rogers

Lori A. Ehrlich

David Paul Linsky

Solomon Goldstein-Rose

Bud Williams

Claire D. Cronin

John W. Scibak

Gailanne M. Cariddi

Peter V. Kocot

Dylan Fernandes

Michael S. Day

Adrian Madaro

Louis L. Kafka

Brendan P. Crighton

Steven Ultrino

Frank A. Moran

Sean Garballey

Alice Hanlon Peisch

James M. Cantwell

Stephan Hay

Jack Lewis

William Driscoll

John C. Velis