Amendment #999 to H3600

Public Safety Personnel Retirees

Mr. Cusack of Braintree moves to amend the bill by adding the following sections:

SECTION XXX. Section 91 of Chapter 32 is hereby amended by adding a new sub-section (f) at the end of said section 91 as follows:

(f) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs (a) to (d), inclusive, any individual who retires from either Group III or IV may provide consulting services to one or more municipalities, either individually as a sole proprietor or retained through a corporation or other business entity, for such period of time and for such mutually agreed upon compensation as the municipality deems necessary and appropriate provided such contractual relationship does not involve a conflict of interest in violation of G.L. Chapter 268A.

(g) The restrictions against post-retirement earnings contained in this section shall not apply to a former member of Group IV that subsequently is selected to serve as either the Secretary of Public Safety and Security, the Assistant or Undersecretary of Public Safety and Security, a chief of police, or is employed in any capacity for the Municipal Police Training Committee.

SECTION XXX. Section 99A of Chapter 41 of the General Laws is hereby amended in the first sentence by inserting at the end thereof the following words:-- “or such greater distance as is specified in a city or town charter, or as provided in a by-law adopted by the Town Meeting, based on the affirmative recommendation of the Board of Selectmen, or an ordinance adopted by the City Council, based on the affirmative recommendation of the Mayor.”