Amendment #3 to H4739

Chapter 94G Energy Standards

Mr. Cusack of Braintree moves to amend the bill by adding the following section:

SECTION XX. Section 78 of chapter 55 of the acts of 2017 is hereby amended by striking out in subsection (a) the following words, "provided, however, that such standards shall be promulgated in consultation with the department of energy resources, the department of environmental protection and the department of agricultural resources;", and inserting in its place thereof the following words:- "provided, however, such standards shall not be promulgated or go into effect without the appointment of and consultation with the working group established pursuant to subsection (b) of this section; and provided further, that such standards shall not be unreasonably impracticable and shall conform with implemented and nationally recognized marijuana cultivation and marijuana product manufacturer best practices;"


And further amend said Section 78 by inserting at the end of subsection (a) the following sentence:- "Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, such standards shall not apply to any portion of a marijuana establishment facility that was completed and approved by the department of public health prior to June 1, 2018."