Amendment ID: S2177-7

Amendment 7

Early Voting

Ms. Gobi, Messrs. Barrett and Hinds,  Friedman, Ms. O'Connor Ives, Messrs. Ross, Timilty and O'Connor move to amend the bill by inserting after section 17, the following new section:-

SECTION 17A. Section 2 of chapter 47 of the acts of 2017 is hereby further amended by inserting after item 0521-0001, the following item:-

0521-0002  For reimbursements to municipalities for costs associated with the implementation of the mandated provisions of early voting for the November 8, 2016 State Election as required by section 25B of chapter 54 of the General Laws; provided, that the state secretary shall only reimburse the municipalities for costs that have previously been compiled by the division of local mandates within the office of the state auditor; and provided further, that any unexpended funds in this item shall be made available until December 31, 2017……………………….$719,708.24