Amendment ID: S2609-58

Amendment 58

Raising Awareness to Reduce Overdose Victim Abandonment

Messrs. O'Connor and Lesser move that the proposed new text be amended by inserting the following:-

SECTION XX. Section 96 of Chapter 71 of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting at the end the following:-

All public schools must hold at least one assembly for students in their final year of high school education where they clearly issue a statement developed by the school committee in cooperation with the department of public health that illustrates the statistics and dangers of opioid addiction in the region and its repercussions and the Good Samaritan laws relating to overdose prevention.

SECTION YY. There shall be an interagency task force to conduct a survey to collect and update data on individuals who have died from overdose abandonment.

The task force shall be comprised of the following members or their designees: the secretary of health and human services, who shall serve as co-chair; the attorney general, who shall serve as co-chair; the commissioner of children and families; the commissioner of mental health; the commissioner of public health; and the executive director of the health policy commission.