Budget Amendment ID: FY2018-S3-389

EHS 389

Lift the Cap on Kids

Ms. Lovely, Mr. Cyr, Ms. Chang-Diaz, Mr. Eldridge, Ms. Creem, Messrs. Boncore, Brownsberger, Keenan, McGee, Lewis, Barrett, Brady, Montigny, Hinds and O'Connor and Ms. Forry moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 2, in item 4403-2000, by striking out the figure “$166,729,366” and inserting in place thereof the figure: - “$178,429,366”; and further moves to amend the bill by inserting after section XX the following new section: -

"SECTION XX. Section 2 of chapter 118 of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting at the end of the first paragraph the following sentence: - Notwithstanding chapter 5 of the acts of 1995 as amended or any general or other special law to the contrary, aid shall be provided for each such child, and work requirements, the time limit, and exemption status shall be determined, without regard to whether a child was conceived or born after the parent began receiving aid under this chapter."