Budget Amendment ID: FY2019-S4-225

EDU 225

State University Internship Incentive Fund

Messrs. Moore, Brady, Pacheco and O'Connor moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 2, in item 7066-0000, by adding the following words:- “; provided further, that $1,000,000 shall be expended for the state university internship incentive program established in item 7066-0000 of section 2 of chapter 139 of the acts of 2012; provided further, that the commonwealth shall contribute funds to each institution in an amount necessary to match private contributions in the current fiscal year to the institution's internship incentive program; provided further, that the commonwealth's contribution shall be equal to $1 for every $1 privately contributed to each university's board of trustees or foundation; provided further, that the maximum total contributions from the commonwealth shall be not more than the amount appropriated in this item; provided further, that funds from this program shall not result in direct or indirect reduction in the commonwealth's appropriations to the institutions for operations, scholarships, financial aid or any state appropriation and the department shall promulgate regulations and criteria for the program”; and

in said section 2, in said item 7066-0000, by striking out the figure “$3,598,328” and inserting in place thereof the figure:- “$4,598,328”.