Amendment #280, as changed to H3800

Offshore Wind Price Decline

Mrs. Haddad of Somerset moves to amend the bill by adding the following 2 sections:-


SECTION 34A. Subsection (b) of section 83C of chapter 169 of the Acts of 2008, inserted by chapter 188 of the Acts of 2016, is hereby amended by striking out the fifth sentence and inserting in place thereof the following sentence:-


A staggered procurement schedule developed by the department of energy resources, if applicable, shall specify that a subsequent solicitation shall occur within 24 months of a previous solicitation; provided, however, that the department of public utilities shall not approve a long-term contract that results from a subsequent solicitation and procurement period if the levelized price per megawatt hour, plus associated transmission costs, is greater than or equal to the adjusted levelized price per megawatt hour, plus transmission costs, that resulted from the previous procurement after adjusting such procurement’s price for the availability of federal tax credits, inflation and incentives; provided further, that the adjusted levelized price shall not include mitigation efforts that, where feasible, create and foster employment and economic development in the commonwealth.


SECTION 57A. Section 34A shall take effect upon passage of this act.


Additional co-sponsor(s) added to Amendment #280, as changed to H3800

Offshore Wind Price Decline


Maria Duaime Robinson

Norman J. Orrall

Tommy Vitolo

Andres X. Vargas

Peter Capano

Tram T. Nguyen

Natalie M. Higgins

Christina A. Minicucci

Kay Khan

Michelle M. DuBois

Jonathan Hecht

Nika C. Elugardo

Michael J. Soter

Mike Connolly

Russell E. Holmes

Elizabeth A. Malia

Tami L. Gouveia

Lori A. Ehrlich

James K. Hawkins

Michelle L. Ciccolo

RoseLee Vincent

David Paul Linsky

Louis L. Kafka

Sarah K. Peake

Thomas M. Stanley

Bud L. Williams

Adrian C. Madaro