Amendment #685 to H3800

Swimming Pool Safety

Mr. Brodeur of Melrose moves to amend the bill by adding at the end thereof the following new section:

"SECTION ## Chapter 143 of the General Laws is hereby amended by adding the following section: Section 101. No later than July 1, 2020, the Massachusetts board of building regulations and standards shall adopt and enforce regulations to implement a swimming pool construction and installation work license and a swimming pool maintenance, service and repair work license. Regulations shall include a scope of work for each license, and the amount and type of experience, training and examination requirements for a person to obtain either license in order to have the knowledge and training needed to meet the requirements of the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code adopted by the State. A grandfathering provision may be provided by the board for a limited period of time. The board has the authority to require an initial license fee and renewal fee to implement these licenses.".