Amendment #13 to H4768


Ms. Sabadosa of Northampton moves to amend the bill in SECTION (a) An individual who is eligible to vote may register on the day of the state primary or the state election by appearing in person at the polling place, during the hours it is open for voting, for the precinct in which the individual maintains residence on primary or election day or, during the early voting period, by appearing in person at an early voting site for the city or town in which the individual maintains residence during the hours it is open for voting, by completing a registration application in a form prescribed by the state secretary which complies with identity requirements of 52 U.S.C. section 21083, by presenting to the appropriate election official proof of residency and by making a written oath which shall be as follows: I certify that I: am a citizen of the United States; am at least 18 years old; am not under guardianship that prohibits me from registering and/or voting or otherwise prohibited from voting; am not temporarily or permanently disqualified by law because of corrupt practices in respect to elections; have not and will not vote in any other location within the Commonwealth or elsewhere; have read and understand this statement: I further understand that giving false information is a felony punishable by not more than 5 years imprisonment or a fine of not more than $5,000, or both.

(b) For purposes of this section, the term “proof of residence” shall mean one of the following, so long as it includes the name of the applicant and the address from which the registrant is registering:

(i) a valid photo identification including, but not limited to, a Massachusetts driver’s license or other state-issued identification card; or

(ii) other documentation demonstrating the name and address where the registrant maintains residence and seeks to register including, but not limited to, a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, residential lease agreement, wireless telephone statement, paycheck, other government document or correspondence, a current student fee statement or other document from a post-secondary educational institution that verifies the student’s current address.

(c) Upon meeting the identity requirements of subsection (a), production of proof of residence, and the making of an oath sufficient to support registration, the ballot clerk or designee shall permit the registrant to vote at that primary or election. Any person who registers to vote on the day of the primary or election in accordance with this section shall, absent disqualification, be registered to vote at all subsequent primaries and elections.

(d) A registrant who fails to present suitable identification shall be permitted to deposit a provisional ballot pursuant to the provisions of section 76C of chapter 54, but shall be required to return within 2 business days after the primary or within 6 days after the election to present sufficient identification to the city or town clerk in order for the clerk to determine that the registrant is qualified to vote in the primary or election and has deposited an eligible provisional ballot.

(e) The state secretary shall make available to the election officers at each polling place, to the extent possible, access to the statewide list of registered voters as contained in the central registry of voters set forth in section 47C of chapter 51 of the General Laws. For the purposes of this section, an electronic or printed copy of all voters registered to vote in that precinct as of the last day of the registration period, as required by sections 55 and 60 of said chapter 51, shall be sufficient.

(f) The registrars may correct information supplied by the registrant to the extent necessary to maintain the integrity of their records. If an affidavit is incomplete or if it appears from the facts set forth in the affidavit that the registrant is not qualified to register as a voter, the registrars shall proceed in accordance with section 47 of chapter 51 of the General Laws.

(g) As soon as practicable after the election, the registrars shall add the registrant’s name, address and effective date of registration to the annual register of voters.

(h) A registered voter shall not re-register on the day of the primary for the exclusive purpose of altering party affiliation.

(i) Upon credible information or allegation of illegal voter registration, or credible information or allegation of illegal multiple voting, there shall be an investigation of the information or allegation by the attorney general, or by the district attorney having jurisdiction over the municipality in which the alleged illegal registration or illegal multiple voting occurred. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed as excluding enforcement of this section by any means otherwise provided by law.

(j) Violations of this section shall be punishable under sections 8, 26 and 27, of chapter 56 of the General Laws.

SECTION (b). Chapter 51 of the General Laws is hereby amended by striking out section 33A, and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

(i) The state secretary shall create and maintain a secure online portal allowing a person to complete an affidavit of registration online. The registration, once completed, shall be transmitted by the state secretary to the appropriate local registrar.

(ii) The online affidavit may be submitted utilizing either: (i) the person's signature from the registry of motor vehicles records, in which case the registrar of motor vehicles shall make appropriate provisions to facilitate the electronic transfer of the image of the signature to the central voter registry; or if no signature is available from the registry of motor vehicles records, then (ii) a digital image of the person’s written signature, uploaded to the online portal via a form provided by the state secretary.

(iii)The person submitting the online affidavit of registration shall affirmatively assent to the use of their signature from their driver's license or non-driver identification card, or the use of the digital image of the person’s signature.

(iv) Nothing in this section shall be construed to change any registration deadline or qualification of voting.