Amendment #174 to H5150

MassHire Career Centers

Mr. Hay of Fitchburg moves to amend the bill in section 2, in item 7003-0803, by striking out the figures "$3,960,051" and inserting in place thereof the figures "$5,000,000."

Additional co-sponsor(s) added to Amendment #174 to H5150

MassHire Career Centers


Lindsay N. Sabadosa

Rady Mom

Peter Capano

William L. Crocker, Jr.

Marcos A. Devers

Jack Patrick Lewis

Tami L. Gouveia

Timothy R. Whelan

Carmine Lawrence Gentile

Susannah M. Whipps

Jon Santiago

Tram T. Nguyen

James K. Hawkins

Paul W. Mark

Natalie M. Blais

Carol A. Doherty

Steven Ultrino

Aaron Vega

Antonio F. D. Cabral

Kay Khan

Tackey Chan

Carolyn C. Dykema

Daniel R. Carey

Daniel Cahill

Paul F. Tucker

Mike Connolly

Patrick Joseph Kearney

David Allen Robertson

Natalie M. Higgins

Kate Lipper-Garabedian

Danillo A. Sena