Amendment ID: S2477-2-R2

2nd Redraft Amendment 2

Sustain natural and working lands carbon in communities

Mr. Tarr, Ms. Jehlen, Messrs. Hinds, Cyr, Pacheco, Eldridge and Timilty, Ms. Comerford, Messrs. O'Connor, Brady and Moore, Ms. Gobi, Mr. Tran, Ms. Rausch and Ms. Creem move that the proposed new draft be amended in section 1, in proposed section 1 of chapter 21N, by adding the following definition:-

“Natural and working lands”, lands that: (i) are actively used by an agricultural owner or operator for an agricultural operation that includes, but is not be limited to, active engagement in farming or ranching; (ii)  produce forest products; (iii) consist of forests, grasslands, freshwater and riparian systems, wetlands, coastal and estuarine areas, watersheds, wildlands or wildlife habitats; and (iv) are used for recreational purposes, including parks, urban and community forests, trails and other similar open space land.”; and

in section 10, by inserting after the word “pollutants”, in line 102, the following words:- “, conservation, engagement and management of natural and working lands”; and

in said section 10, by striking out, in line 109, the words “and (x)” and inserting in place thereof the following words:- “(x) contain a statewide baseline quantification of the carbon sequestered in natural and working lands, accompanied by goals to increase and enhance the sequestration, and recommendations including, but not limited to, the conservation, enhancement and management of natural and working lands; and (xi)”.