Amendment ID: S2477-6-R1

Redraft Amendment 6

Strengthening Benchmarking and Data Requirements

Mr. Crighton, Ms. Rausch, Ms. Jehlen, Messrs. Pacheco, Eldridge and Moore move that the proposed new draft be amended in section 31, in proposed section 18 of chapter 25A, by striking out subsection (d) and inserting in place thereof the following subsection:-

"(d) Annually, not later than October 1, the department shall make available on its website energy use information and data for the preceding calendar year for each building subject to this section. For each building, the information made available shall include, but not be limited to: (i) the municipality in which the building is located; (ii) the building’s total energy use in MMBTU, total greenhouse gas emissions in pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent, total square footage, energy intensity in kBTU per square foot and greenhouse gas emissions per square foot in pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent per square foot; (iii) the breakdown of the building’s energy use by electricity, gas, steam and other sources; and (iv) an energy performance rating or assessment score, where available, as determined by the energy use benchmarking tool. The department shall maintain a privacy and quality assurance process to improve the accuracy and completeness of the available information, including, but not limited to, an opportunity for the owner to review and comment on the information. The department shall provide owners with the opportunity to submit contextual information related to energy use in their buildings and shall disclose such information upon request by the owner. The department shall annually publish summary statistics at the zip code or census tract level on its website.”; and

in said section 31, in proposed subsection (e) of section 18 of chapter 25A, by inserting after the second sentence the following sentence:- “The department shall make available to a regional planning agency, municipality or other public agency requesting such information any data set forth in this section, utilizing such practices as are necessary to prevent the public disclosure of personal information regarding owners and tenants.".