Amendment ID: S2789-5

Amendment 5

HIP Funding

Ms. Gobi, Ms. Comerford, Messrs. Lesser and Moore, Ms. Rausch, Mr. Eldridge, Ms. DiZoglio, Messrs. Welch, Tran and Cyr, Ms. Jehlen, Messrs. Crighton and Timilty, Ms. Moran, Messrs. O'Connor, Hinds, Barrett, Fattman, Lewis and Rush move that the proposed new text be amended by inserting at the end thereof, the following new section:

SECTION XX. Item 4400-1004 of section 2 of chapter 41 of the acts of 2019 is hereby amended by inserting after the word “vegetables” the following words:- ; and provided further, that funds in this item shall be made available until June 30, 2021.