Amendment #24 to H3977

Defining the Number of Category 3 Licenses in the Market

Mr. Day of Stoneham moves to amend the bill in section 4, in line 252, by inserting after the word “commission” the following subsection:


“(4) The commission may not issue more than 10 category 3 licenses, as defined in this chapter.


(i) Within the first 12 months of licensed mobile sports wagering in the Commonwealth, the commission may not issue more than 6 category 3 licenses.


(ii) Beginning 12 months after the first license is issued, the commission may issue up to the balance of the category 3 licenses, provided, however, the commission shall give preference to entities which are certified by the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office as a Minority Business Enterprise, Women Business Enterprise, Veteran Business Enterprise, or Portuguese Business Enterprise.”


And further, in line 253, striking the figure “(4)” and inserting thereof “(5)” .