Amendment #395 to H4000

Nonprofit Security Grants

Ms. Balser of Newton moves to amend the bill in Section 2, in line-item 8000-1127, by striking the figure “$1,000,000” and inserting in place thereof the following figure: $1,500,000.

Additional co-sponsor(s) added to Amendment #395 to H4000

Nonprofit Security Grants


Mindy Domb

Marcos A. Devers

Lindsay N. Sabadosa

Denise C. Garlick

Jessica Ann Giannino

William J. Driscoll, Jr.

Tram T. Nguyen

Tommy Vitolo

Kevin G. Honan

Richard M. Haggerty

Tami L. Gouveia

Steven S. Howitt

Michael J. Finn

Linda Dean Campbell

Edward R. Philips

Daniel J. Ryan

Michael S. Day

James J. O'Day

Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.

Michelle L. Ciccolo

Nika C. Elugardo

David M. Rogers

Brian W. Murray

Jack Patrick Lewis

Kay Khan

Paul McMurtry

Liz Miranda

Michael P. Kushmerek