Amendment #447 to H4000

Improvements to HomeBASE

Ms. Barber of Somerville moves to amend the bill in Section 2, in line item 7004-0108 by inserting, after the phrase “housing stabilization plan” appears for the first time, the following:- “provided further, that families that received household assistance in a prior 12-month period, complied with their rehousing plan during the prior period of assistance, continue to include a child under the age of 21 or a pregnant person, and whose gross income does not exceed 50 percent of area median income or that have not had income in excess of said 50 percent level for a period of six months shall be eligible for further allotments of household assistance of up to $10,000 or a later issued higher cap in subsequent 12-month periods to prevent their eviction from their existing housing or to relocate to another housing situation, without needing to first be evicted from their existing housing or otherwise needing to establish that they fall into one of the four categories of affirmative eligibility for emergency assistance shelter listed in item 7004-0101”; and by inserting, after the word “received” appears for the second time, the word “financial”; and by inserting, after the words “served, including available demographic information,” appear for the first time, the following: “and the total number of household members served, broken out by race and ethnicity”; and by inserting, after the words “previous 1, 2, and 3 years, including available demographic information" the following: "with data on the race and ethnicity of families receiving assistance under 7004-0101 and those denied assistance under 7004-0101 after exiting the short-term housing assistance program”; and by inserting after the phrase "self-sufficiency case management services;" appears the first time, the following:- “Nothing in this section shall prevent a family from accessing the maximum allowable amount for this item and item 7004-9316”;

And in said item by striking out the figure $25,970,612 and inserting in place thereof the figure “$45,000,000”.

Additional co-sponsor(s) added to Amendment #447 to H4000

Improvements to HomeBASE


Vanna Howard

Lindsay N. Sabadosa

Susannah M. Whipps

Paul F. Tucker

Steven C. Owens

Mindy Domb

Bud L. Williams

Jessica Ann Giannino

Tommy Vitolo

Paul W. Mark

Jacob R. Oliveira

Patricia A. Duffy

Liz Miranda

Jack Patrick Lewis

Mike Connolly

Christopher Hendricks

Russell E. Holmes

Peter Capano

Carmine Lawrence Gentile

Danillo A. Sena

Antonio F. D. Cabral

Tricia Farley-Bouvier

Tami L. Gouveia

Natalie M. Higgins

Mary S. Keefe

Tram T. Nguyen

Jonathan D. Zlotnik

Denise C. Garlick

Andres X. Vargas

Sean Garballey

Linda Dean Campbell

Dylan A. Fernandes

Tackey Chan

James M. Murphy

Daniel R. Carey

Michael P. Kushmerek

Gerard J. Cassidy

Kenneth I. Gordon

David Henry Argosky LeBoeuf

James J. O'Day

Mathew J. Muratore

Thomas M. Stanley

Kevin G. Honan

Elizabeth A. Malia

John J. Mahoney

Brandy Fluker Oakley

Adrian C. Madaro

David K. Muradian, Jr.

Daniel Cahill

Natalie M. Blais

David M. Rogers

David Paul Linsky

Michael S. Day

Carlos González

Christina A. Minicucci

Kay Khan

Erika Uyterhoeven

Jay D. Livingstone

Jon Santiago

Lori A. Ehrlich

Nika C. Elugardo

Alice Hanlon Peisch

Steven Ultrino