Amendment #581 to H4000

A Better City

Mr. Santiago of Boston moves that the bill be amended in section 2E, by inserting at the end of item 1595-6369 the following:


provided further, the MBTA shall initiate an effort to advance the planning and design for up to six infrastructure projects related to decarbonization, regional rail electrification, increased transit capacity, and improved equity in the system to achieve shovel-worthy projects in anticipation of federal infrastructure funding opportunities; and provided further, that the MBTA shall spend no less than a third from this appropriation on these projects, either from this appropriation or from other sources at the authority including, but not limited to federal transit recovery funds; and provided further, the MBTA shall submit monthly reports on the spending and projects associated with this effort to the joint committee on transportation and joint committee on ways and means, beginning on July 15, 2021.

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A Better City


Michelle L. Ciccolo