Amendment #674 to H4000

Manet CHC Post Pandemic Response Program

Mr. Ayers of Quincy moves to amend the bill in section 2, in item 4510-0110, by adding the following: “provided further, that no less than $500,000 shall be made available to Manet Community Health Center for a Post Pandemic Response Program in the gateway cities of Quincy and Taunton; in the Town of Hull where Manet is the sole health provider; and in the Town of Attleboro for the establishment of a new full service health facility. Said Post Pandemic Response Program (PPRP) shall respond to the recent closure of a local emergency department in Quincy by focusing on the health care needs of the former ER patients, piloting a Sunday service to enhance accessibility to critically needed services, react to the unmet needs of underserved and formerly served populations. Said program shall include modifying spaces for Telehealth services in all four communities; provide data analysis and conducting intensive outreach to existing, new, and lapsed medical, behavioral health and addiction patients including the newly jobless and those disenfranchised post-COVID-19. Investments in Taunton and Attleboro will support the expansion of a new exam, medication assisted treatment, and behavioral health room; Telehealth access spaces will be created; support for the opening of a new service site in Attleboro will function with an on-site (five day) dedicated starter team comprised of: primary care (and addiction responsive) physician, nurse, medical assistant, front desk receptionist and social worker.

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Manet CHC Post Pandemic Response Program


Tackey Chan

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