Amendment #4 to H4791

Cannabis Use/Public Health Research and Data Collection

Mrs. Kane of Shrewsbury moves to amend the bill, as amended, bill by adding the following section:

SECTION XX. Subsection (b) of section 17 of chapter 94G of the General Laws, as inserted by section 41 of chapter 55 of the acts of 2017, is hereby amended by inserting after the first sentence the following:-

Upon request of the commission, said departments and executive offices shall: (i) provide the commission with any existing data so requested, subject to any applicable confidentiality laws and regulations regarding personally identifying information; and (ii) collect data as reasonably requested by the commission to complete the research agenda required by this section and provide such data to the commission. Any personally identifiable information contained in data acquired through this section shall not be considered a public record and shall not be subject to disclosure pursuant to clause 26 (a) of chapter 4 section 7.