Amendment #20 to H4978

Open Enrollment Flexibility

Mr. Stanley of Waltham moves to amend the bill, as amended, by adding the following section:

Section XXXX

Chapter 76 of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting after section 12C the following section:

"Section 12d. (a) students who are the dependent children of a member of the active uniformed military services of the united states on full-time active duty status and students who are the dependent children of a member of the military reserve on active duty orders shall be eligible for admission to the school district of their choice regardless of the capacity of the district. Students shall be eligible if: 1. At least one parent of the student has a department of defense-issued identification card; and 2. At least one parent can provide evidence that he or she will be on active duty status or active duty orders, meaning the parent will be temporarily transferred in compliance with official orders to another location in support of combat, contingency operation or a natural disaster requiring the use of orders for more than thirty (30) consecutive days. (b) notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, a school district of residence shall not prohibit the transfer of a pupil who is a child of an active military duty parent. (c) for purposes of continuity of education, a student who transfers pursuant to this section may remain at the school chosen by the parent until the student completes the highest grade level at the school."

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Open Enrollment Flexibility


David Henry Argosky LeBoeuf

Meghan Kilcoyne

Steven G. Xiarhos